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I have MSN yahoo and Aim messenger I will only give these out on request to those that need to know I am looking for an assitant with basic HTML knowledge must have MSN AIM or Yahoo messanger. I would like someone avalable for at least an hour a day I am just looking for someone to keep a chart up to date I supply the HTML coding. MSG me if you think you qualify with you contact for messanger program and the times you are on in HL time please and thank you. This position does pay will not disclose amount till the right person is found(it isn't a little but not a ton either). This account will always have young high pointed horses without brands(permanent) and of many popular breeds as well as some less common ones
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Not much you need to know. Syneth(#4429318) Marooned(#1627950) Desert Twist(#2952580)
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I will be taking on horses(only) for commisioned sales. This means I will sell your horses for you. My fee is 10% of the final selling price(approved by you) plus expenses. Expenses include Profesional Picture(750k)Board(100per week), Vet/Farrier(whatever Horseland charges). Training is included, your horse will get 200 classes every other day(as health permits). Typicaly Horses sell within a week. This of course Depends on the Horse(breed, pts, age, ect). Your horse will be listed on a sales chart that shows all important information and will be advertised extensivley with all of the horses. Due to the high quality and volume of horses that come through this account your horse will get tremendous exposure. Also Included is exposure for both your stable and if avalable the horses pic maker. Your listing will include a to your home page as well as the home page of the pic maker. If your horse does not have a profesional or suitable pic(to be determined by me) one will be made by are Profesional Pic Maker. All extras are meant to get your horse to sell faster. Refrences Are Avalable. All horses are subject to my approval. Send me a request with your horses id#'s. 1. Do not bid below the High Bid unless bookmarking.
2. The pics on these horses cost me 750k do not bid below this.
3. These horses without pics are worth more then 3mill so don't make excuses for a low bid.
4. I hardly ever except bids so don't beg or offer me things for the horse.
5. Do not send me a Stable Buddy Request without explaining why.
6. I will most likeley msg you and tell you off if you break my rules so you have been warned.
*Note* I am not a bad person I am just sick and tired of stupid people wasting my time.
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